About Advanced Skin Academy

Advanced Skin Academy was born from a desire to share the founder’s knowledge in improving and maintaining Skin Health as well as increasing Skin Cancer Awareness. Their knowledge has been gained throughout their careers, extensive research, and academic achievements.

The team identified that the astute consumer wanted evidence-based knowledge, instead of relying on social media!

Advanced Skin Academy

We provide quality evidence-based education in Skin Cancer Awareness, Corrective Skin Treatments & more.

About our range of courses

Advanced Skin Academy has developed a multitude of courses for a variety of people to increase their knowledge and understanding in achieving optimal Skin Health.

Our courses are for:

  • Nurses and Skin Therapist’s, wishing to increase their Knowledge, Understanding, Skills and Confidence. Leading to improved services for clients and boosting their experience and outcomes.
  • Parent’s or anybody concerned about their own or family’s skin health. Enabling informed decisions when choosing the best sunscreen or skin products to apply to their or their family’s precious skin.
  • Increasing knowledge on Skin Cancer Awareness, for any practitioner or person looking at skin. Potentially saving lives!

Advanced Skin Academy is driven by providing knowledge to make informed choices in achieving and maintaining good skin health.

Meet our Founders


RN, NP, Ms Nsg NP, Grad Dip Clinical Nsg, Grad Dip OH&S, Dip Dermatology

An experience Nurse Practitioner with over 39 years’ experience in the fields of Cosmetics, Emergency Medicine, Occupational Health and Safety and Primary Health.

Michelle’s knowledge has been gained through many years of experience, research, and formal study. This gives Michelle a unique view on treatments and education from both a therapist and academic.
Michelle has maintained her continuing education to ensure treatment, skills and clinical practice are current and optimal.

Michelle’s qualifications include but not limited to:

  • Master Degree Nsg (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Diploma of Dermatology (Australian Institute of Dermatology)
  • Grad Dip Nsg (Clinical Nursing)
  • Grad Dip OH&S
  • Masterclass Facial Anatomy – Bangkok
  • Skin Cancer Certificate
  • Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner
  • Diploma of Nursing


BCom (Mktg)

Lauren has always possessed a passion for healthy skin and marketing, and ensures her knowledge and skills are current.

During her studies and completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Marketing, Lauren has worked in a variety of industries developing Marketing and Business strategies enabling her to share Advanced Skin Academy courses to the astute consumer.

Lauren’s experience working in the beauty industry, gives her a unique understanding on the importance of Skin Health and the importance of sharing evidence-based information.

Lauren’s own battle with skin issues such as Eczema provided her with the drive and passion to increase her knowledge on repairing her skin barrier to improve her skin health successfully.

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