Introduction to Pigmentation

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The Introductory to Pigmentation course is for Skin Therapist’s and Nurses that want to increase their knowledge and understanding on pigmentation triggers and the formation process.

Increasing your knowledge in Pigmentation enables the Nurses and Forward-Thinking Therapist to increase the options available when managing their clients that present with Pigmentation.
Knowledge and Understanding allows the therapist to confidently discuss the clients pigmentation and outline realistic outcomes.

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the complex process of pigmentation formation and mechanism.
  • Where the various types of pigmentation sit within the skin
  • If the Pigmentation is suitable to be treatment
  • Are you able to remove or is lightening more suitable
  • Prevention factors
  • When to treat and when to refer!

Key points within the course:

  • Pigmentation development
  • The difference between epidermal and dermal pigmentation
  • Factors influencing the reduction in formation of pigmentation.
  • Is that pigmentation safe.

The Introductory to Pigmentation course is suitable for

  • Nurses and Therapist’s wishing to increase their knowledge on Pigmentation and address clients Pigmentation concerns.
  • For those that wish to gain a more comprehensive insight when it comes to the world of Pigmentation.

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