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Skin Cancer Awareness Courses - Accredited and Non-Accredited

Improve your knowledge and save lives by enrolling in a skin cancer awareness course

Accredited Skin Cancer Awareness Course

Accreditation Number: A2307ASA1

This activity has been accredited for 2 hrs of Group 1 CPD (or 2 CPD
credits) suitable for inclusion in an individual pharmacist’s CPD plan
which can be converted to 2 hrs of Group 2 CPD (or 4 CPD credits) upon
successful completion of relevant assessment activities.

Pharmacist Competencies: 2.2, 2.3, 3.2, 3.6

The 2016 Competency Standards addressed by this activity include

2.2 Collaborate with professional colleagues
2.3 Communicate effectively
3.2 Implement the medication management strategy or plan
3.6 Promote health and well-being

Skin Cancer Awareness Course

Early diagnosis for any skin cancer courses is essential in saving lives and reducing physical and mental scars. The more eyes that are armed with evidence-based knowledge, and looking at skin, can potentially lead to early diagnosis and SAVE lives! 

The Skin Cancer Awareness course enables you to have a better understanding of how skin cancer develops, sun awareness and how to identify a potential skin cancer. Giving you the confidence to discuss with friends and family and encourage them to seek a review by a skin care specialist for a formal diagnosis. 

Advanced Skin Academy’s team’s various journeys have highlighted the need for accurate information, especially education that has saved lives and increase someone’s confidence in themselves. 

The team at Advanced Skin Academy believes that sharing their knowledge will assist parents, families, children, and anyone interested in skin cancer and skin health, to make better-informed decisions. 

This skin cancer course is suitable for anyone that has sun exposure in their daily life. Providing evidence-based information to help protect family and friends by potentially saving a life. 

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Sunscreen Ingredients

The Sunscreen ingredients course was designed to address the many media reports discussing adverse reactions noted from sunscreens to people, marine life and the environment.

The general population wants to protect the environment and ensure the ingredients that are being placed on their skin are safe.

There are a variety of research papers and reports, and it is often difficult to know where to look, as well finding the many hours required to search through the articles.

Sunscreens are referred to as being Reef Friendly, what does that mean and are they really reef friendly?

Advanced Skin Academy has done the hard work and gathered recent research articles, allowing you as the consumer and protector of your own health and environment to make up your own mind.

This course is for anyone interested in knowing what the ingredients are in your sunscreen based on current scientific research!

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