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The Sunscreen ingredients course was designed due to the many report about sunscreen and adverse reactions. The general population wants to protect the environment and ensure the ingredients that are being placed on their skin are safe.

There are a variety of research papers and reports, it is often difficult to know where to look.

Advanced Skin Academy has done the hard work and gathered recent research articles, allowing you as the consumer and protector of your own health and environment to make up your own mind.

Sunscreens are referred to as being Reef Friendly, what does that mean and are they really reef friendly?

This course is for anyone interested in knowing what the ingredients are in your sunscreen based on current research!

Scientist’s continually research the many layers of the skin and identify ‘new’ vital roles of the skin, enabling further understanding of the complexity of our largest organ the skin.  It is exciting to see what the scientist will identify next!

Advanced Skin Academy Course’s will increase your awareness, Skills, Knowledge and Understanding of Skin Anatomy enabling the therapist to perform Confidently at an advanced level.  Do not fall behind the rest of the beauty/skin industry, enrol in the Skin Anatomy Course with Advanced Skin Academy today!

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