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Skin Cancer

Online Courses in Dermal, Sunscreen and Skin Cancer Awareness

Advanced Skin Academy

We provide quality evidence-based education in Skin Cancer Awareness, Corrective Skin Treatments & more.

About our range of Skin courses

Advanced Skin Academy’s Courses are aimed at a variety of people, whether it is:

  • The forward-thinking therapist or nurse wanting to improve their knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence.
  • A parent concerned about their family’s skin health and ingredients in sunscreen products being applied to their family’s skin. As well as increasing your knowledge on the UV radiation and skin cancer awareness- the good and the bad.

We are all about providing knowledge to make informed choices in achieving and maintaining good skin health. 

There are no limitations to who can increase their knowledge from one of Advanced Skin Academy’s courses.

For longer than we can remember, skin was only considered to be the surface that literally held us together. While providing protection to our internal organs from various ailments, such as environmental factors.

It certainly was not considered a vital part of maintaining overall health!

Why choose our skin courses

Advanced Skin Academy offers online evidence-based courses and information packs. Providing the opportunity for everyone to work at their own pace, at a time and place that suits them.

The courses will improve:

  • Your knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Improve reputation and services offered by professionals in the skin health industry.
  • Improve understanding on skin health, skin care routine and key ingredients.
  • Improved knowledge on sun and skin cancer awareness. Resulting in knowledge on how to best protect yourself, loved ones and clients.

Advanced Skin Academy’s courses are developed by our founder and Nurse Practitioner Michelle. With over 40 years of experience and advanced tertiary education to support her knowledge and skills

Courses for Everyone

In today’s fast paced world of technology with so many avenues of information at our fingertips, it is hard to know which information is reputable and evidence based. Therefore Advanced Skin Academy has done the research for you. Our evidenced based courses provide knowledge on:

  • Understanding what active serums do and how they can benefit skin concerns.
  • Education in Skin Cancer Awareness – to keep you and your family safe
  • What ingredients are in sunscreens the good and the bad
  • Understand Milia how it forms and the best treatment options
  • Health benefits of vitamin D and the sun

Dermal Courses

Skin Courses for the Forward-Thinking Nurse and Therapist wanting to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills to provide dermal skin services.

Courses include:

  • Skin Anatomy course, teaching from the foundations up enabling a strong working understanding to effectively build on the therapists’ skin knowledge.
  • Skin Consultation
  • Introduction to Pigmentation
  • Treatment of Pigmentation
  • Introduction to Peels
  • Skin Cancer Awareness
  • Active Skin Serums
  • Dermaplaning
  • Milia
  • Acne (coming soon)

Skin Cancer Awareness

Skin Courses for people wanting to increase their knowledge on

  • Skin cancer precautions, prevention and awareness
  • Ingredients in sunscreens, what to avoid and what to use.

Early identification leads to early diagnosis and has saved lives!

The Reason Advanced Skin Academy Started

After nursing for 30years in the public health system and qualifying as a nurse practitioner, Michelle changed her nursing direction into the world of Cosmetic nursing.

Michelle wanted to increase her knowledge and understanding of how treatments & skin care improved the quality of skin.

After looking tirelessly for short courses, Michelle was unable to find the required information, let alone evidence-based information.

Michelle enrolled in a Diploma of Dermatology through the Australian Institute of Dermatology (where she had to seek permission to enrol as the course was for medical practitioners).

After completing the Diploma of Dermatology, various other courses, years of extensive research and experience. Michelle wanted to share her knowledge, to enable other therapist’s and nurses to take their knowledge, skills and understanding to the next level.

During Michelle’s journey she found some information especially on skin serums overwhelming for her clients.

Hence Michelle knew the importance of providing education on skin care was required for everyone interested in improving their skin health.

Michelle enlisted the skills of Lauren with a background in Skin, Marketing, and a love of reviewing relevant evidence-based information into improving skin outcomes to develop Advanced Skin Academy.

Bringing the vision of greater knowledge and understanding that is easily accessible.

Why we are passionate about Skin Cancer Awareness

Advanced Skin Academy’s passion in education of Skin Cancer Awareness was highlighted when a client presented to our salon. Lauren was in our salon that day and noticed a suspicious red lesion on our clients face. As Michelle had previously educated Lauren in skin cancer awareness. Lauren then brought her concerns to the attention of Michelle privately. Michelle then reviewed the client in their consultation. 

Michelle as a Nurse Practitioner suspected the lesion to be a BCC, unfortunately the required equipment to confirm the diagnosis was not available and Michelle advised the client to seek a review at a skin clinic prior to any further treatments.

The client attended an appointment at a skin clinic, where an early diagnosis confirmed the lesion as a BCC.

The client was treated with a topical cream due to the early diagnosis, enabling reduced down time, no hospital admission for advanced treatments and no long-lasting scars that can occur when the lesion needs to be surgically removed.

The client was incredibly grateful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can get burnt while sitting in the shade due to Scattered UV, which is why it is extremely important to understand Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Awareness. Which is why Advance Skin Academy has created a Skin Cancer Awareness Course to educate on the UV index, skin cancer prevention, early diagnosis, and risks.

To learn more enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Skin Cancer Awareness Course.

  1. Saves lives and trauma.
  2. Minimises long term debilitating treatments.
  3. Reduces the possibility of scars.

To learn more, enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Skin Cancer Awareness Course.

The UV index is vital to reducing the risk of sunburn, skin cancer and aging of the skin?

To learn more, enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Skin Cancer Awareness Course.

There are 3 main categories within the skin, the Epidermis, Dermis and Sub-Dermis.

However, within these categories there are multiple layers that have specific roles and functions.

To learn more, enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Skin Anatomy course.

Pigmentation can form from many factors including sun, trauma, and hormones. However, pigmentation can sit in different layers of the skin, which means you or your skin therapist needs to have a thorough understanding of the pigmentation process.

To gain a thorough understanding enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Introduction to Pigmentation course.

There are multiple options to reduce pigmentation from enzyme blocking, sunscreen, and treatments.

To learn and understand the correct pigmentation treatment options for specific types of pigmentation, enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Introduction to Pigmentation and the Pigmentation Treatment Options courses.

Depending on the type of Peel will result on your downtime. However, most Peels especially a beginner Peel will have minimal downtime, enabling you to continue your day-to-day activities.

To learn more enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Introduction to Peels Course.

Yes there are different types of Peels, such as lactic acid and salicylic acid, which target different skin concerns, as well as varying range of pH, buffering and strength.

To learn more about the actions and various types of Peels, enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Introduction to Peels course.

Yes, reactions to sunscreens are becoming more common due to added ingredients. Which is why we at Advanced Skin Academy have sought out the latest research papers and put together an evidence-based information pack to help you make informed decisions for the health of yourself and your family.

To learn more enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Sunscreen Ingredients Information Pack

Yes, there are multiple studies conducted on the damage to the reef from certain sunscreen ingredients. Leading to bans in many countries of certain sunscreens that are not reef friendly.

To learn more enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Sunscreen Ingredients Information Pack

Coral reefs have suffered damage from sunscreens such as bleaching, and sludge build up. However, the coral is not the only marine species to show adverse reactions from sunscreen, it has been noted in studies that fish had endocrine changes such as changing sex.

To learn more enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Sunscreen Ingredients Information Pack.

To improve skin health, skin serums are a vital part of your daily routine. Deciding which serum is best suited to your skin you need to understand which serum will target specific concerns. Some serums can tackle multiple skin concerns, such as Vitamin A.

To find out more information on skin serums and the benefits enrol in Advanced Skin Academy’s Skin Serums course.

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