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Learn About common Sunscreen Ingredients the good and the bad that can impact on our health and the environment, based on scientific research.

While protecting your skin is now and has always been an important part of a proper skincare regime, there have been questions raised as to whether sunscreen ingredients are causing adverse effects on our bodies. For those wanting to protect their skin and that of their clients, friends and loved ones, it is important to research safe sunscreen ingredients.

Though there is some debate among medical professionals on the best sunscreen ingredients for safety and effectiveness, recent research can determine which are the best natural sunscreen ingredients and which chemicals you should be avoiding in the sunscreen you choose.

How to know what you’re using on your skin

Though medical professionals still strongly advocate for the daily use of sunscreen to protect our faces and bodies from harmful UV rays, you can choose to be a discerning shopper when it comes to choosing the right sunscreen for you.

You can research sunscreen ingredients online but you may find that the information can sometimes be conflicting, overwhelming and extensive, requiring an extensive amount of time to work through the research articles. The best method for understanding the safest sunscreen ingredients is to know what to avoid and use the backup of a sunscreen ingredients checker provided by Advanced Skin Academy, in an easy to understand table.

Find the best sunscreen ingredients in our handy information pack

At the Advanced Skin Academy, we are all about protecting your skin from harmful chemicals. This includes well-researched and evidence-supported recommendations on the best sunscreen ingredients for your face and other parts of your body. The sunscreen ingredient information pack provides you with a succinct collection of evidence-based information on the ingredients within sunscreens.

The information pack will:

  • Discuss the various sunscreen ingredients individually
  • List countries that have changed their regulations based on current research
  • Provide links to various research and relevant information
  • Give you an overview of Ultraviolet Radiation
  • Include information on common sunscreen ingredients in popular brands that you can buy
  • Discuss Endocrine Disruptors
  • Provide a comprehensive review of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) compliant and banned substances

Keeping yourself informed of the best sunscreen ingredients on the market

Choosing to protect your clients, family and friends from the use of damaging chemicals is about putting in the work to understand the pros and cons of each sunscreen brand that is in the market, and this has everything to do with keeping up with the latest research findings. At the Advanced Skin Academy, we pride ourselves on using the most up-to-date findings to fuel our courses for everyone so that you know your learning is evidence-based and accurate.

Once you have a foundation of knowledge gained from our sunscreen ingredients list, you can continue your research to understand which components of each sunscreen are changing in your state or country for the better. This will allow you to make informed purchasing decisions and recommendations to your clients, friends and family well into the future.

Let Advanced Skin Academy lead you to healthier skin

Whether it’s through our Dermal courses for professionals, Skin Cancer Awareness courses or one of our many other course options available online, the Advanced Skin Academy can help you to gain a higher understanding of the best skin products and treatments available in the market. Sign up online today to discover the best and the worst of sunscreen ingredients and bring yourself one step closer to being an informed consumer.

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