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Increase your knowledge on the development of Milia and learn the various treatment options with Advanced Skin Academy

Advanced Skin Academy’s Milia course was developed for the astute skin therapist or a person suffering from Milia, to gain a better understanding of the formation of the skin condition, and the different types and causes of this condition.

The Milia course will expand your knowledge from understanding how this condition develops to how to effectively treat and manage it. The course will take you through the best Milia treatment options for each location of the condition and will range from serums to assist in the management of Milia through to professional treatment options.

The benefits of understanding Milia

This course aims to increase the student’s knowledge of Milia as a skin condition. Whether a therapist or a long-time sufferer, understanding Milia will allow you to identify the beginnings of the condition, effectively manage skin Milia treatment plans and safely reduce the chances of the condition worsening over time.

Milia is most commonly found on the face and there are specifics that therapists should understand in relation to under-eye and eyelid milia treatment for it to be carried out safely and effectively. Facial Milia treatment should be undertaken with the utmost precision and care for responsible and hygienic procedures to prevent the onset of further issues caused by the condition.

What is covered in the Milia course?

The Milia course offered by the Advanced Skin Academy is designed to further enhance the learner’s knowledge of this skin condition and to help them to design effective treatment plans.

The key points covered in the Milia course include:

  • Skin anatomy in relation to Milia
  • Various types of Milia
  • Milia leading to other skin concerns
  • Treatment options
  • Milia prevention

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If you are interested in Milia prevention, treatment and eradication, sign yourself up for our renowned Milia course today. You won’t find a more detailed online course at this price point to provide you with the in-depth knowledge you are seeking.

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