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Learn About the various types and formation of Pigmentation at a cellular level and the contributing influences of pigmentation with Our Introduction Course

The Introductory to Pigmentation course is for skin therapists and nurses that want to increase their knowledge and understanding of pigmentation triggers and the formation process.

This course, provided by the Advanced Skin Academy, offers in-depth knowledge of pigmentation (there is a second course on pigmentation treatment options ) that can assist with varying levels of the condition. As a nurse or a skin therapist, understanding skin pigmentation (treatment- is discussed in a 2nd course) is essential in the management of your clients or patients skin enabling you to help them to the best of your ability.

The benefits of becoming knowledgeable about pigmentation

Increasing your knowledge of Pigmentation enables nurses and forward-thinking therapists to increase the options available when managing their clients that present with Pigmentation. Knowledge and understanding allow the therapist to confidently discuss the client’s pigmentation and outline realistic outcomes.

Whether you are seeking to understand the best options for sun damage skin or increase your knowledge of various types of hyperpigmentation. The core factors of pigmentation will provide you with a broader understanding of the core issue. Enabling the ability to create an effective treatment plan for clients and patients comes from a solid knowledge base from which you can build effective skin discolouration treatment plans.

How enrolling in a Pigmentation Course can be helpful

Understanding pigmentation along with common causes and treatment methods can help you to become a specialist in the field. Choosing a course through the Advanced Skin Academy will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge that can be used to assist in pigmentation treatment or as a foundation that you can build upon.

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand the complex process of pigmentation formation and mechanism
  • Know where the various types of pigmentation sit within the skin
  • Identify if the pigmentation is suitable to be treated
  • Recognise if you are able to remove or if skin lightening might be more suitable
  • Understand prevention factors
  • Identify what types of pigmentation are safe

The Introductory to Pigmentation course is suitable for nurses and therapists wishing to increase their knowledge of pigmentation and be able to address their client’s pigmentation concerns and for those that wish to gain a more comprehensive insight when it comes to the world of Pigmentation and treatment options.

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Beginning your journey to understanding the intricacies of pigmentation and uneven skin tone treatment starts here. Though this course is specifically designed for those with previous experience in skin treatments, we also offer a range of courses for everyone including skin cancer awareness, skin serum courses and more.

Enrolling in a pigmentation course is as simple as completing the application form to begin your journey to understanding more about this common condition. Contact the Advanced Skin Clinic about our online courses and set yourself on a journey to better pigmentation and melasma treatment options today.

  • Electronic Device of choice - Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. We recommend using a computer or laptop for the larger screen.
  • Glasses if required for reading or blue light filtration. 
  • Word doc or note pad and pen if you'd like to take notes.

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