Sunscreen History

The history of sunscreen is essential to understand, as many people were poorly protected prior to current standards, when they thought they were doing the right thing!
Hence why so many older Australian’s have skin cancer now.

The 1st reported commercial sunscreen was in 1928 in the USA.
Australia followed with sunscreens, however, In the 1930’s Australian sunscreen was promoted to achieve golden brown skin without the burn!

Many will remember the Coppertone early ads and their parents giving them coconut oil to enhance the tan!

In the 1960’s sunscreens had the equivalent to a SPF 2-6

In the 1970’s tanning oils were popular.

In the 1980’s SPF 15 was introduced, and in 1981 Australia was introduced to Sid the Seagull with the Slip Slop Slap campaign.

Thankfully we have learnt since then!

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