Course Content

  • Basic skin anatomy
    • The cells that: 
      • Cause Skin Cancer
      • Attempt to protect the body.
  • Understanding UVR
    • The types
    • Effects of UVR
    • Various ways of exposure to UVR
  • UV Index
  • Types of Skin Cancer
  • Skin cancer statistics
  • Sun protection and the differences.
    • Types of sun protection
    • Ingredients of sunscreen- safe or not!
    • How sunscreen protects the skin
  • Cosmetic treatments, do they effect or increase the risk of Skin Cancer such as: 
    • laser, 
    • IPL, 
    • Nail lights 
  • Vitamin D- the facts
  • Identifying potential skin cancers
  • Skin cancer images.

At the end of each module there will be a quiz to enhance your learning, there is no pass or fail and incorrect answers will have the correct response displayed.

Evidence based Skin Cancer Awareness education, leads to early detection with a review by a Health Professional for diagnosis, which in turn increases positive outcomes saving many lives and reducing the risk of scaring due to late diagnosis and late removal of larger lesions. 
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