Accredited Skin Cancer Awareness

$500.00 incl. GST

Early diagnosis is essential in saving lives and reducing physical and mental scars. The more eyes that are armed with evidence-based knowledge, and looking at skin, can potentially lead to early diagnosis and SAVE lives! 

The Skin Cancer Awareness course enables you to have a better understanding of how skin cancer develops, sun awareness and how to identify a potential skin cancer. Giving you the confidence to discuss with friends and family and encourage them to seek a review by skin specialist for a formal diagnosis. 

Advanced Skin Academy’s team’s various journeys have highlighted the need for accurate information, especially education that has saved lives and increase someone’s confidence in themselves.

The team at Advanced Skin Academy believe that sharing their knowledge will assist parents, families, children, and anyone interested in skin cancer and skin health, to make better informed decisions. 

This course is suitable for anyone that has sun exposure in their daily life. Providing evidence-based information to help protect family and friends by potentially saving a life.

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