Oxygen based products and treatments

Oxygen is essential for life and maintaining healthy organs, and this also applies to our largest organ the skin.

Our body receives oxygen through the lungs and distributes it throughout the body, however, there is another way for our skin to receive oxygen and that is through the epidermis, which has direct contact with the atmosphere.

The lungs and the skin are the only organs to be directly exposed to oxygen from the atmosphere!

Oxygen that is received through the lungs and transported via the blood system only reaches as far as our Dermis (as the Dermis has a blood supply, where the epidermis does not)
The outer layer of the skin, known as the Epidermis, relies on oxygen from external sources including products and treatments, due to the lack of blood supply in the epidermis.

As the skin matures the ability for the epidermis to absorb and use oxygen for regeneration, including the oxygen requirement in the production of collagen is reduced. 
Leading to fine lines and dull looking skin.

Adding oxygen to your epidermis through oxygen enriched products and receiving oxygenation facials or treatments, helps boost the skin’s ability to regenerate.

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