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A quality skin consultation can change the entire direction of how you choose to treat a client. The identification of problem areas and introduction of the correct products can be extremely beneficial to the skincare process but what is a skin consultation really about?

A therapist who conducts a thorough skin consultation increases their understanding of the client’s skin concerns both those seen by the naked eye and those revealed by a deeper analysis. A thorough skin consultation reassures the client that you are actively listening to their skin concerns and that you have the skills to be able to treat their unique skin type for the best possible outcomes.

The benefits of providing a comprehensive skin consultation

In the competitive world of skin clinics, it is important to set yourself apart from the rest as a therapist that is both knowledgeable and cares about the results that you can deliver. Whether you choose to provide the initial skin consultation online or in person, it provides the opportunity for you to connect with your clients prior to treatment and to understand what they are looking for, which in turn helps you to deliver the results they are expecting.

A skin care consultant certification identifies to your clients that you have the knowledge and skills to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the skin, which puts trust in your clients, with the services that you provide. Professional development such as learning to provide a quality online skin consultation can help to propel your career as well as your clinic to success above all others.

How Advanced Skin Academy provides the best skin consultation courses

The Skin Consultation course will enable the therapist to increase their client base, rapport and relationship with the client. Our Skin Care Consultant Courses offer thorough, evidence-based learning that focuses on the latest techniques and dive deep into the process of providing the best skin consultation possible.

Content within the skin consultation course includes:

  • Suggested questions
    • Prior to the consultation
    • During consultation
  • Building rapport with the client
  • Step-by-step recommendations from greeting the client, until the client leaves your salon
  • Why certain questions are essential
  • Skin type identification
    • How to grade the skin with a Fitzpatrick Chart
  • How to organise the room
  • Woods Lamp examination
    • The process of a Woods Lamp examination
    • What the Woods Lamp tells the therapist about the skin
    • Images – comparison of naked eye Vs. Woods Lamp
  • Post-skin analysis
    • What to do
    • What not to do
  • Documentation
    • Is it necessary?
    • What to document

Sign up for a course today to increase your knowledge in skin analysis and consultations to improve client skin concerns and outcomes, as well as job satisfaction.

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  • Electronic Device of choice - Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. We recommend using a computer or laptop for the larger screen.
  • Glasses if required for reading or blue light filtration. 
  • Word doc or note pad and pen if you'd like to take notes.

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