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Boost Your knowledge on Skin Cancer Awareness and save a life with Our Comprehensive Course

At Advanced Skin Academy we have developed a Skin Cancer Awareness course that provides you with the tools, evidence-based knowledge and understanding to help prevent the development of skin cancer or potentially identify a cancerous skin lesion and suggest a professional review.

The Skin Cancer Awareness course provided by Advanced Skin Academy covers many topics and is available online as a self-directed learning course, so you can pace yourself to fit in with your work-life balance. You will also take comfort in the knowledge that you are offering factual, quality sun awareness information, as all our course information is evidence-based.

Most important reasons to educate yourself about skin cancer prevention

Evidence-based Skin Cancer Awareness education leads to early detection and referral to a health professional for diagnosis, which in turn increases positive outcomes, saving many lives and reducing the risk of scarring due to late diagnosis and late removal of larger lesions. The ability to identify skin cancer symptoms is a skill that can be utilised by all at any stage in life whether it be for friends and loved ones or clients of a trained professional.

Skin cancer awareness in Australia is prominent, but many don’t understand the identifying factors to look for. Awareness training is important to identify skin cancer symptoms and potential risk factors for the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment.

The Skin Cancer Awareness course

Undertaking this course will educate the learner about skin cancer risk factors, taking the information back to the anatomical level so that one can identify things like which cells can cause skin cancer versus those that aim to protect the body. The content covers the types and effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and the ways that we can be exposed to it in our daily lives.

In addition to providing education about how skin cancer can occur, the course details important steps in the process including skin cancer screening and treatment options once an individual case is referred to a professional consultation level.

The Skin Cancer Awareness course content includes:

  • Basic skin anatomy
  • Understanding UVR
  • UV index
  • Types of skin cancer
  • Skin cancer statistics
  • Sun protection and the differences
    • Types of sun protection
    • Ingredients of sunscreen – safe or not!
    • Can we rely solely on sunscreens
    • How sunscreen protects the skin
  • Cosmetic treatments: are they putting us in danger and do they affect or increase the risk of skin cancer such as
    • Laser
    • IPL
    • Nail lights
  • Identifying potential skin cancers to ensure an early professional opinion and that the proper skin cancer treatment is obtained
  • The differences between pre-skin cancer lesions, skin cancer and sun damage lesions

At the end of each module, there will be a quiz to enhance your learning. This is a thorough course that boosts Australia’s skin cancer awareness campaign and can be useful to people across many professions.

Sign up for a course and enhance your skin cancer awareness today

To further educate yourself on sun safety, enrol yourself in the Advanced Skin Academy Skin Cancer Awareness course today. Signing up for one of our courses online is a simple process and you can work at your own pace, fitting your education around other important work and life commitments. Skin cancer awareness can be lifesaving, which makes the affordable price of this online course worth anyone’s time and investment. Take the next step in protecting your family, clients or patients today and choose the Advanced Skin Academy’s evidence-based Skin Cancer Awareness course for absolute peace of mind.

  • Electronic Device of choice - Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. We recommend using a computer or laptop for the larger screen.
  • Glasses if required for reading or blue light filtration.
  • Word doc or note pad and pen if you'd like to take notes.

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