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Learn from Skin Experts and Discover the Art of Dermaplaning:

Advanced Skin Academy offers the Dermaplaning course to therapists and clinicians who wish to extend their knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence. Skin dermaplaning services can enhance a clinic’s offering and drive client results!

The Advanced Skin Academy’s Dermaplaning course is for the forward-thinking therapist and clinics striving to take their client’s treatments to the next level. Dermaplaning for improved skin health and glowing skin is the next step in skincare treatment that will set your business apart from the rest.

The benefits of professional dermaplaning

Advanced Skin Academy’s Dermaplaning can be offered as a stand-alone service, however, the best results are achieved when the service is incorporated with other advanced treatments. Completing the Facial Dermaplaning course and incorporating Dermaplaning treatment into your client’s skin regime, will boost your client’s current results and increase the bottom line of your business.

Dermaplaning requires a skilled therapist to perform the procedure safely and confidently. Having the in-depth knowledge to explain the core Dermaplaning benefits to your clients is essential and can be achieved through Advanced Skin Academy’s Dermaplaning course.

A professional Dermaplaning course for therapists

Advanced Skin Academy’s expert team educates forward-thinking therapists to increase their knowledge, skills and understanding to successfully conduct exfoliating Dermaplaning treatments on your clients.

The Dermaplaning Course includes:

  • Skin anatomy – focusing on the upper layer of the Epidermis
    • The skin’s natural exfoliation process and how we can assist in achieving successful dermaplaning results
    • Cellular turnover
  • Incorporating Dermaplaning into a client’s skincare regime
  • When and which treatments to use and when not to, which is just as important!
  • Treatments that Dermaplaning can compliment
  • Realistic expected outcomes
  • Benefits of Dermaplaning
  • Mechanism of Dermaplaning
  • Ability and confidence to answer client’s questions accurately
  • Practical component – a video on how to safely perform the Dermaplaning procedure
  • The Dermaplaning kit you will need and how to purchase these tools

At Advanced Skin Academy, we ensure that each therapist feels confident with the treatment while working in a safe hygienic manner prior to completion of the course. At the end of each module, there will be a quiz to enhance your learning.

Each participant will receive a certificate on completion of the Advanced Skin Academy Dermaplaning course that can be proudly displayed by any highly trained therapist.

Add Dermaplaning to your services and enrol today

Advanced Skin Academy offers a range of incredible skincare courses for every kind of student, from a professional looking for further development through one of our Dermal Courses or someone looking to learn more about general skincare. From Skin Cancer Awareness advice to Skin Serum Courses, you will find it all available from the Advanced Skin Academy.

This specialist course is the perfect addition to any skincare business. Therapists use Dermaplaning for glowing skin, and as an additional treatment in the management of acne scars, sensitive skin and hyperpigmentation. Whether you are looking to develop a new professional skill or expand your skincare business, the courses offered by the Advanced Skin Academy are the ideal solution. Sign up today to learn the intricacies of exfoliating dermaplaning with an online course.

  • Electronic Device of choice - Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile. We recommend using a computer or laptop for the larger screen.
  • Glasses if required for reading or blue light filtration.
  • Word doc or note pad and pen if you'd like to take notes.

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